Experience the ``Lost Journey``

where you get to see, touch and live it

“The Lost Journey” Tour is a 60-minute guided tour that takes you on an epic adventure through ancient temples and ruins, as you experience the story of the Amazonia, its people, and meet all kinds of different animals along the way. A great way to get those likes on Facebook and Instagram!

There are 2 different “Tours”: For the faint hearted, we have the “The Lost Journey” Tour, in which you go around the park, experience the temples, ruins and different pathways, as you see the animals safely behind glass. For those craving adventure and excitement, we have the “Close Encounter” Tour. Here you get everything “The Lost Journey” Tour offers, with the added value of getting the chance to feed the monkeys and getting to touch the animals like our Birds, Lizards and Snakes! Come on… do you know how many likes you’ll get on Facebook and Instagram!