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Experience our “All you can eat” Rodizio

Open Tuesday – Sunday
from 17:00 to 23:00
Kitchen closes at 22:00

How it works

Come and experience the “All You Can Eat” Rodizio at our Brazilian Steakhouse! The perfect dining experience for meat lovers.

The Rodizio Experience consists of two parts:

For the first part of your experience you can visit our salad buffet, which is filled with different types of fresh vegetables, salads and hot dishes. Here you are able to create and customize your own dish, and you can visit the salad buffet as much as you like.

For the second part “Gauchos” (meat cutters) will bring 10+ different cuts of Meat to your table. To signal the Gauchos that you’re ready for your Experience, you flip the token on your table to the green side. If you want to take a break or stop, turn the token to red side. This experience continues for 2 hours, as you get to enjoy all of the delicious flavors the jungle has to offer!


All You Can Eat RodizioSaladbar Only
Adult (12+)$49 | Fl. 85$32 | Fl.55
Kids (4-5)$12 | Fl. 20$12 | Fl. 20
Kids (6-11)$25 | Fl. 42.50$16 | Fl. 27.50
  • Vegan / Vegetarian options also available


Sirloin Butt







Vegan Mushroom Burger

Snacks & Bites

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  • Not allowed to combine the Rodizio with other dining options, the whole table will have to choose the same dining option.
  • The Rodizio has a run time of 2 hours. Please be on time as the two hours start at the time of your reservation.
  • Not allowed to share the Rodizio. It is not allowed to share the Rodizio with others, as each individual is charged separately.
  • Not allowed to take leftovers home, as we do not offer doggy bags.

Rodizio Time…

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“THE Jungle Tour”

How it works

“The Jungle Tour”, a 45 to 60-minute guided tour that takes you on a fun and mysterious adventure through the Jungle of Amazonia.
Enter an ancient temple filled with snakes, spiders and other reptiles, an area with all kinds of different birds, including Luna, our dancing cockatoo and a jungle pathway ruled by little monkeys!! Along the way you get to interact with some of the animals, as you learn about them and get a chance to feed them. This Amazonia tour is not for the faint hearted… are you brave enough?

Pricing & Times

Adults (12+)$ 20Fl. 20
Kids (4-11)$ 10Fl. 10

*These prices are non-refundable. The Jungle Experience Tour is a guided tour of 45-60 minutes. The tour start times are:

9 AM | 10 AM | 11 AM | 1 PM | 2 PM | 3 PM | 4 PM

Open Tuesday – Sunday
from 09:00 to 16:00

(Awe)Some things you’ll see

The Temple of The Serpent

Luna – Dancing Cockatoo

Jungle Bridge

What you lookin’ at?

Bon Dia!




Livin’ the life

Guest Photos


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